Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.
Whoopee doo

Ahh, I have time yet again to update my blog.

Titles of movies that I MUST watch very soon:

1. Letters of God
2. One day
3. The Vow
4. Prom night
5. Arthur Christmas!
6. Puss in boots
7. To save a life ( a movie hao yi is suppose to give me a review After he watches it )

Movies that I've watched, mostly on the plan, which I found really good.

Inspirational ones ; ( btw, I. The type who cries for almost every sad show, so to me, if I cry, it means the movie is inspirational to me. Why? Well, cause it made me cry of course hehe. Stupid question.
1: the first grader
2. A better life
3. The art of getting by ( it's a little boring, but the storyline is pretty good)

And more soon from the top list will get promoted to the bottom list teehee.

Others movies:
1. Colombiana
2. 30 minutes or less
3. Hmm, more still to come wheeee.

Im the type that gets inspired by Mitch albom books.mand recently even though I read all, I read for one more day again. Ahh, it's so good <3 oh and I recently discovered a fact, humiliation is needed, to ask for forgiveness. But, whether or not the other party decides to forgive or not, it's their problem. But the most important thing is, you do your part. And someow. Even though it's 'that' feeling you get, that horrible feeling, the feeling of satisfaction of doing the right thing is always there. So I hope I'm time to come, you'll be able to do so. And I hope God will find a way to speak into your heart.


A rough patch
A rough patch.

Yesterday we ended our conversation in a quarrel. I went to bed, of course thinking of it over and over again, where i steered you wrong. You just lashed out everything at last, all I wanted was for you to ask, how was I, how was my day, anything. Just to show you care.i know I was acting cold, why didn't you just ask whats wrong instead of continuinag acting as if it's nothing. I know it's selfish on my part, but the anger inside me just wanted revenge, wanted you to feel th guilt, the way I felt. Cause, I just, couldn't stand the fact, I wasn't part of that happiness. Just no part at all. I woke up This morning, feeling likewise, I don't know you though. I'm trying to erase it from mind just for awhile,so I could enjoy my trip abit . Once, again,I'm sorry.

I need to find my own voice.
  hehe, i found it funny. so i decided to share it ;)

I decided to actually make a post cause of someone, who persisted that I actually update my blog, here's to you Christi ;)

I guess I've lost the urge to impress others with my blogposts, instead, do It cause I want to. Maybe I thought, it's a place where I could just, share. Yeah. Thats it. Share. It's a good place to think, to evaluate a little, also because I'm in hong kong and I don't have my diary :P hehe.

This year has been good to me. Honestly, I've learnt a lot. I've made new friends, grew closer to old ones. Nah, I don't think I want to blog about the things that happen this year, maybe more of the things I achieved. Even though some of them are somewhat childish.

This I've 'accomplished' year 2011 studies have been consistent
2. I made netball team!
3. I met new friends, close and not so close ones.
4. After so many years, I gained the courage to sing on stage again, thanks to Ryan tan for encouraging me hehe.
5. I finished being a prefect, as a lower sec prefect ;)
6. I had ups and downs in relationships, but I'm glad we pulled through. Kudos to zhao Wang for supporting me too.
7. I learnt to play DOTA! Hehehe. Thank you for all the guys, even though i suck, they say I'm pro. X)
8. I can jump over 5 chairs. That was a fun day indeed.
9. I somehow became less competitive, for post exams, and am still improving to not be a sore loser.
10. I've witnessed so many inspiring people and their testimonies.
11. I grew up.

That's a brief layout of this year.

Now for the things I have yet to accomplish this holiday. Before the year ends.

Things I want to accomplish before 2012

1. Go develop all the photos! I have dragged it for far too long
2. PMR RESULTS. I have my fingers crossed that I'll do well.
3. Piano diploma, work on my pieces
4. Go out with isaac and jasher like we planned ^^
5. Go out with the was gang once ): all the times they went out I was on holiday.
6. Finish scrapbook ong.
7. Go out with Jon :)
8. Have a sleepover with the perky people.
9. Hope youth camp turns out alrighttt
10. Make my decision to go Sri garden international, or stay in Wesley.

And number 10 is the one I'm most intimidated to make. Decisions oh decision.

I've had a lot of time to think,with all the long road trips around USA, and well, truthfully, even though I'm having fun there, there's still a feeling of desperation, or jealously of my other friends. Who are going out in Malaysia. I'm missing out on it. But I guess you can't have the best of both worlds right? I need to suck it up. Be more positive. And tell myself that I should let life take its course, see where it takes me.

Bye for now. Love, Kim.


happy anniversary dear. :) for how i ended up with you, i still have no clue, but now i thank God for giving me you.

29.04.11 thank you for the memories.
                                                                                                            xx. kim.

A beautiful exchange;
So, as you know, today is Easter! :) and well, today is a special day for Jesus, cause it was the day he rose from the dead! So I would like to dedicate this post for him, its the least i could do.
  We had our performance in church today and it was reaaal good, the video was good too, part of passion of christ i think, which made the athmosphere even more, umm, holy? Im so proud of all the musicians and singers! <3 they cooperated so well.
   So Jesus, all i would like to say is, thank you. I mean, we SHOULD thank him everyday, but someone doing it today makes it even more special :) Thank you for being there, when no one else was; Thank you for your love, your unfailing love for me; Thank you for being a friend, you  listen to our prayers one by one; Last of All, thank you for dying on the cross for me :') no one would ever do that, but you, died for people you didnt even know, now thats something to really thank you for. I admit I haven't been the best christian, I've grown far from you Lord, please forgive me. I try, i really do, but sometimes its not enough. So, my promise to you, is to love you with all my heart and to put you first in my life, for nothing can compare to your love for us. I love you JC.

This is a video that Jon asked me to watch, and it really is about John 3:16 )': God's love for all of us.

blessed easter everyone :)

chasing cars;

Hi again! :) its a holiday today, thankyou mdm angieee! hehe. Well, i've been doing absolutely random things the whole day! basically im wasting my time. I had a real bad headache so i went to sleep for awhile. I can't eat anything in the fridge, cause of my cough and flu, which has been going on for 1 month now. awh mann.

Sports day was just over, and it went well i guess :) got 2nd for 400m and 3rd for 4x200. im so happy for our 4x200! i thought we would get last, bt we didnt!  At first, i was scared for my events, especially cause i was sick, and knowing my competition was very strong. But God proved me wrong, i manage to do it, all thanks to God! and my dad, and all my friends. I was so touched when Esther's Recess Revo group gave me a good luck card :') it really made my day. 

                  happy one day early birthday esther khoo and jonathan ong! :D xx.

                                                                                      till then.